Friday, 29 February 2008

Cambridge mini-break

Finally, I got to do a bit more travelling. I'd been in the same place for far too long (6 whole weeks! Don't you feel sorry for me ;-) ?) In any case, this past weekend myself, Justin, and Olivia headed on down to Cambridge to spend a long weekend with Olivia's friends from middle school. I have a severe case of city envy right now. Lancaster is lovely, but it's very small and gets a bit dull rather quickly. Cambridge, on the other hand, provided far more entertainment. I absolutely loved the university and found myself wishing I had the ambition to attend such a school. Alas, I don't, so I just took pictures instead.

Here we are punting on the Cam. Turns out I'm a bit of a natural at it. I only ran us into one bush!

The view of St. John's college from our boat on the canal. Wouldn't mind living there (with numerous house mates of course. Any takers?).

We came across a jazz concert in the square accompanied by a german sausage stand. Turned out the whole thing was a benefit for Scientology (eek!) so we got our sausages and ran.

My personal favorite moment of the weekend: the chocolate fountain! One of the girls we were visiting just happened to have one. The men of the household were a little afraid when all the women rushed into the dining room squeeling with excitment. Yum!

Now for a bit of Norwich. I skipped out for 24 hours to go and visit my friend Lizzy in the neighboring (sort of) city of Norwich. Even more city envy. They had flowers blooming everywhere!

A bathtub I fell in love with and will someday have to have.

Norwich had an odd sort of obsession with Grecian architecture in its parks. There was also a sort of mini Taj Mahal. Oh England. I did have a good time doing the "one Grecian urn" routine from The Music Man though.

And now for two random pictures having nothing to do with either Norwich or Cambridge. Here we have a sort of family photo (i.e. my main group of friends here in Lancaster) and the poster for Macbeth (to be performed next weekend).

Plans for our spring break world tour continue. Looks like we'll be staying with a fellow named Ilias and his family in Fez. Mud huts and donkey rides in the countryside included. I am so excited! Hoping you are all well and warmer than we are. Much love, Kate

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Chris said...

Breaks my heart that I won't be able to see MacBeth. On the plus side, all the flowering plums are flowering in Berkeley!