Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Back in England

(No, I have not found any penguins here in Lancaster, but the weather is making me wonder if it might just happen. This is a picture of my friend Karolyn and I on my last night in Berkeley. Some foolish person still had their Christmas penguin display up.)

So begins another five to six months of life in England. It took a 10 hour flight (on Virgin Atlantic, which is just a fantastic way to travel), an hour of navigating the tube in London, and a four hour train ride but I'm finally back in my flat in Lancaster. I have been welcomed home by the worst weather I've seen yet. We're talking freezing temperatures, pelting rain and wind, hail... the works! I cannot believe I forgot to buy wellies while I was home in the land of cheap stuff (compared to the £). I have discovered that Uggs, while very stupid looking, manage to keep my little tootsies warm even when sopping wet. Hey, if sheep skin works for sheep in the rain, why not my feet, eh?

So far all I've managed to do is go grocery shopping. Today was my first full day back and I slept halfway through it. As I told my mother, this meant I was getting up at roughly the same time as all of my flat mates. They had gone out the night before and, as per usual, slept until noon. I'm really hoping the jet lag will be gone soon as I've got a rather large paper due on Wednesday that I have yet to actually start. I'm usually not a last minute kind of gal but my time at home was filled with so much fun that I just ignored all school work. Sigh. If anyone has any brilliant thoughts on what limitations faminist critiques of romance novels bring, do let me know. That's all for now I think. I'll try and update this blog as often as I can once said paper is out of the way. Wishing you all well, Kate

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Chris said...

Good to have you back on the blog kiddo.